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on it. more from michigan. unions protesting this right to work legislation. we will take you there. dagen: more soldiers being booted from the military because they are just too big. take a look at world currency today. is it time to plan a trip yet. that would be a big no. ♪ >> 22 minutes past the hour. severe weather continue to pound parts of the bid west. the slow-moving storm dumped ten and a half inches in just 24 hours. the twin cities have seen almost as much snow already has all of last winter. a 31-year-old man is shot, execution style, while walking down the street yesterday. police are now looking for two suspects. medics rushed the victim to the hospital where he died. defense attorneys for. to asking a judge to and gps monitoring. those are your headlines. dagen: thank you. british banking giant agreeing to pay almost $2 billion. more than $1.9 billion. a record amount for a allowing money laundering to go on for years. this is the largest penalty ever paid. it is a nonprosecution agreement. if it changes its ways it will not be prosecuted. if you think the governme
melissa: that is a good one. welcome, i am melissa francis. lori: i am lori rothman. unions come out in protest on right to work legislation. melissa: the battle for control, who will be the new leadee of the oil cartel? saudi arabia or archrival iran fighting for the top spot. lori: you heard dennis and cheryl speaking to house speaker john boehner taking to the house for questioning when president obama will "get serious in fiscal talks." there are just 20 days left until we are at risk of going over the fiscal cliff. let's get you updated on the market as we do every 15 minutes, stocks now. let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange. the market having a good day today. nicole: indeed. we have been over the 13,300 mark but still holding onto stellar games, lori and melissa. so up triple digits up 110 points so really is a nice showing. 28 of the 30 dow components in the green. we heard from house speaker john boehner. the overall sentiment after he spoke is a few negative pieces of language in his speech that ultimately in the end he was trying to say they're trying t
in michigan as state lawmakers approve right to work law graduation. new laws that prohibit new unions from collecting fees from non-members. mike towbin has more on this. >> they cannot stop what governor rick snyder calls freedom to work legislation from being passed on tuesday because michigan republicans simply have the numbers. the demonstrations have gotten ugly. eight people have been arrested. additional state troopers have been diploid to the capital. unlike drawnout labor standoffs we have seen in years, rick snyder has been able to slam us through the legislature during the lame duck session. he insists he is not picking a fight. >> it is not picking a fight. i view this as solving an issue for michigan workers. >> this does not mean that michigan democrats are about to throw in the towel. they say it is an understatement to claim that this legislation will face legal challenges. they will challenge the manner in which a legislation was pushed through so rapidly. democrats claim republicans in michigan have pulled every trick in the book. >> they have lied to us every step of the
with more. i would think it would be a hot commodity. >> reporter: here is the interesting thing. union intransigence helped kill the twinkie and the paragon of junk food may be brought back to life by one of the most hated union foes of all, walmart. reports are walmart is looking at the body parts of the neb did hostess brand. 40 percent of hostess we sales. turnkeys, hellos, ding-dongs, and of the delights. here is how delicious it might be. closing doors after mark -- last month. needed to reduce $100 million per year in retiree health costs. over half of it going to people who never worked at hostess. forcing the company to run to separate fleets, now they're looking at buying a pieces. mostly brands without the union plans and some 18,000 workers, most union employees. now comes walmart, object of union's corn for years. protesters descended on stores to pick over workers having to serve shoppers on thanksgiving night, never mind that more union people than actual walmart employees are protesting. never mind the unions don't represent walmart workers, but they would love to. think
kill the twinkie. now they may be brought back to life by one of the most hated union foes of all. walmart. the largest retailer for 40% of hostess suite sales. this is how delicious this would be. hostess close its doors last month. even the teamsters had agreed to swallow. over half of it going to teamsters who had never worked that hostess at all. they wanted to cut union rules. now, bidders looking at buying up the pieces. without union plants and some 18,000 workers. now, comes walmart. protest on black friday. the unions don't represent walmart workers at all, but they would love to. now, if walmart ends up buying the twinkies brand, that had to drive the unions crazy. don't you just love it. i bet you do, they love it. [talking over each other] connell: cheryl casone and you will be on next hour. house flipping. it is back. it has been a sputtering box office. we could end up with a record thanks to "the hobbit." dagen: we love it. connell: we will be right back. markets now. ♪ tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 this morningng, i'm going to trade in hong kong. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then
are breaking out over new legislation that puts the union on defense. dagen: the war on business. antitrust penalties. connell: the economic sanctions on iran. we will find out why this matters so much. dagen: it is the top of the hour. stocks now with nicole petallides. nicole: those breakfast meals are doing so well for mcdonald's. leading them right along. it is a top performer on the dow jones industrials. mcdonald's, we have to take a look at it. they are november sales are coming. all of these worries started to brew whether or not they donalds would launch a deal. they are back. they have winning numbers. they show growth of 2.4%. as i noted, breakfast meals doing well here in the states. of $0.89. allost $90, 89.37. the dow jones industrials, right now, are up one quarter of 1%. this is after wreaths. weeks of gains. last week, we gained about 130 points. the traders that i have talked to, continue to say the trend remains to the upside. back to you. connell: thank you. dagen: president obama pushing his plan for dealing with the fiscal cliff in detroit. connell: peter barnes is in
? gerri: mayor was a day, there was a time when -- we're talking the california teachers' union, these two entities were considered highly moral operators in the world of investing. they were the first to pull out of south africa investments. people paid attention to what they did and others to do the same thing. these two unions are bilking of the state of california out of every dollar they can get. you see into something like this, put pressure on a private investment company to dump stake in a legitimate company and you got to think is that really leadership? ashley: the knee-jerk reaction to everything going gone. gerri: i don't know it is a knee-jerk. i believe they think they're taking a leadership role. this is the teachers' union. teachers were killed. i would not say is a knee-jerk. it is fought through but it is interesting how our view of these two unions has changed so dramatically over the decades that now you see something dramatic like this and stand back, is that something i want to follow or not? because then there is the notion of social investing. should you care about
for the markets and for consumers. just moments ago the los angeles mayor announcing that union and management have agreed to federal mediation, in a bid to end the strike at the ports of los angeles and long beach. that is according to a reuters report. the strike is entering its 8th daa the local clerk union for them fights for jobs they say are being threatened by technology in the future by the way. the protests are causing a near shutdown of the nation's two busiest ports and nearly one billion dollars a day in economic damage. joining us is christopher lytle, executive director of the port of long beach and give me reaction to the news that we're hearing that the mayor is talking about federal mediation right now? >> i think that is really good news. the obviously, the parties now for a long period of time haven't been able to reach a conclusion, a resolution to the problem. i think the addition of the federal mediator is a very, very wise step. melissa: you are in the man in the middle here. you're sort of the man in charge of the ports as you're watching these two sides battle against
: representative, thank you. take care. connell: we will go back out to michigan and this union firestorm we have been covering out there. dagen: ticket vendor stubhub has a new deal. thumbs up with major league baseball. the problems. big names like the yankees opting out. that is 40% of stubhub baseball business. oil is up. ♪ ♪ connell: here it is. time to make a little money with charles payne. dagen: he has clean fingernails. [ laughter ] charles: the last time i talked about this with you guys was september 27. it has pulled back. a really interesting thing going on. the company came out with earnings. they blew away the number. they came very cautious. the stock was initially under pressure. why is this? you start to look at things they are worried about. they give hints that perhaps things will look better. i think wall street is gravitating towards those pants. like coal. it went from 43 to 33%. as natural gas prices went up, it rebounded. if that gas prices go higher, we probably will see more coal demand which will be the more demand. they will hold on to that stuff because even pro
negotiations between international longshoremen's union and shippers broke down. groups are calling on president obama to step in, believe it or not to avoid billions in losses. they're citing a 2002 lockout at west coast ports, at west coast ports that caused the economy one billion dollars a day. this is after a push by federal mediators, the two sides agreed to come to the table again. no word when those talks are scheduled. the only up shot to the whole thing, lori, the big shipping season is over. lori: that is one of the mitigating factors. tracy: it might not be as damaging to the economy. we're talking about royalty fees here. lori: we're talking about royalty fees. a union story. union having more of an influence given size of this economy and industry. this is what the critics are saying about it. more big bad union news there for you. let's check the markets. stocks are off the worst less of the session. let's check in with nicole on the floor of the stocks he can changes. you're looking a couple names on the move today. >> we're looking at a couple movers. we're off sess
and the next guest warns that if the minimum wage is raised the way the unions want to do even more jobs will be automated and eliminated. research fellow at the employment policy institute, we always hear you're going to raise the minimum wage and hundreds of thousands of jobs, you have a new twist and a lot of those jobs will be lost permanently to robots. please explain. >> the minimum wage increases for fast food restaurants, these are restaurants with narrow profit margins, a couple choices one labor costs go up, they can raise the price of hamburger considerably or find a way to make a hamburger for less money and you are seeing technology that makes 360 hamburgers per hour that have no complaints about wages or walkouts. this is a brave new world we are assuring in with public policy, the surge of that would be there otherwise. >> this will not hurt mcdonald's workers, in new york unions are pushing to double the minimum wage for burger flippers to $15 an hour. there's a new machine that pays for itself in less than a year under that wage structure. >> that is right. $15 an hour i
is resigning expecting to leave after the "state of the union" address in january. sea world entertainment filing for the ipo coming three years after the orlando based operator was acquired by blackstone group at 2.5 billion dollars. they purchased them from anheuser-busch and as. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper. >> russia hosting peace talks to end the civil unrest over 20 months. will they encourage president aside to step down? let's go to our correspondent from jerusalem. >> so far the russians have said they will not encourage aside to step down but it must be solved from dialogue. and he said he felt syria could go into a bloody mess but some feel we already have of bloody mess with 45,000 people killed. the rebels tightened the noose on some of the larger power base like damascus and other areas where there is fighting right now but the russians have been the biggest protector that if some point* russia will abandon assad the rebels think russia will lose all influence which is what they do not want to do. then there would be a transitional gov
operations when it could not reach a settlement with the bakers union. cheryl: the story that keeps giving and giving, that is for sure. the next government bailout, we could tell you the billions of your taxpayers going to save the federal housing administration. we are going to show you how they are lighting up the washington state to celebrate the first day of legal pot. also as we go to break switching gears, look at the ten year treasury. we will be right back. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a ltle bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male a announcer ] humana thanks thphysicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare vantage company t
to credit union collapse on losses from those securities. we will continue to follow that story for you. the stock is higher at this point. dennis: stocks now as did every 15 minutes, nicole petallides on the new york stock exchange. nicole: all eyes on washington now discuss the fiscal cliff trying to come to some sort of agreement to make this happen for u.s. taxpayers, americans across the country who are eagerly awaiting a bipartisan decision of some sort end justifies the meeting has brought some optimism to wall street and as result we are seeing the dow up 91 points. focusing on bank of america the top performer on the dow jones industrials. some of the tech stocks are doing well, home depot representing housing. the broad-based rally underway, cheryl and dennis. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. the breaking news we have been covering for you. president obama and house speaker john boehner meeting at the white house 45 minutes. dennis: coming after speaker boehner said he would be willing to talk about a higher tax rate on earning over a million dollars per year as long
proposals. i will be talking about them in my state of the union and we will be working with interested members of congress to try and get something done. the idea that we would say this is terrible, this the tragedy, never again, and we don't have the sustained attention span to be able to get this done over the next several months doesn't make sense. i have more confidence the american people do not. i have more confidence in paris, the mothers and fathers have been meeting over the last several days all across the country from all political persuasions, including a lot of gun owners who say you know what, this time we've got to do things differently. >> what about the nra? president obama: the nra is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers. and i would suspect they have been impacted by this as well. hopefully they will do some self reflection. herhere's what we know. any single gun law can solve all these problems. we will have to look at mental health issues, schools, a whole range of things that joe's group looks at. we know issues of gun safety will be an ele
be seeing more of their paychecks in the next year. the united auto workers union, general motors to expect checks for as much as $7000 before tax. $8000 based on a formula in the uaw contract. back to the very latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper %-debt loan at 7 trillion-dollar mark. an updated version of the pay as you earn plan. it goes into effect today. how is this plan to bring? will it help tackle the problem? joining us now is the founder of student i'm glad you're here, mark. let's get into that plan. definitely some nitty-gritty details. we have tuition that is up 72% since the year 2000. the delinquency rate on paying these loans back at spike. you actually think of this new plan will help all that? >> yes, it's a safety net toward students who have borrowed more than their annual income. it enables them to base their monthly payment of a percentage of discretionary income as opposed to the amount they owe. tracy: okay, that's what it is. let's get to the plan now. regardless of the loan, we are basically looking at post-graduation, how
, they have labor rights and labor unions after them. they have so many things to juggle. the big picture is stuff for walmart. melissa: thank you. what the feds are calling the largest ever insider-trading case. charlie gasparino has exclusive details in my case. lori: you see a weaker dollar today. back with more after this. ♪ >> @22 minutes past the hour i have your fox news minute. the gunman wearing a hockey mask killed two before taking his own life at a shopping mall in portland yesterday. he fired at random. there is no connection between the 22-year-old and his victims. a 22-year-old woman remains in critical condition. a massive gas line explosion. it also destroyed multiple homes. it left roughly an 8-foot section thanked by the heat. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers. it has been declared aaron rodgers day today in that state. plans also calling for charity donations to number 12's favorite cause. those are your headlines. back to lori and melissa. how important is it that steve cohen is pain the legal fees of a fo
of the unions in new york so keep an eye on cablevision and how this turns out. zynga as we talk about possible gaming in the u.k. jumping 3%, nike agree representation of retail which is under pressure across the board, apple down $8 and bank of america of the no. one performer on the dow jones industrials up 2%. dennis: thank you. growing pessimism with less than a week until the fiscal cliff deadline. 50% of americans say we would get a deal, 48% saying it is a no go according to a new gallup poll and that is a big change from a poll conducted last week. we are joined by washington bureau chief jerry side. john bbehner and republicans were unable to do it. now the focus and pressure shifts to the senate and the democrats. >> in the senate is democrats and republicans because last year when we were in this fix couldn't get out of the debt ceiling crisis it was harry reid, the democrat leader in the senate and mcconnell, the republican leader who emerged as adults in the room and worked up something that got through congress. we are on the verge of something like that or at least an attempt to
to see how the yields are doing. adam: i am adam shapiro, crisis averted, union representing dockworkers and shippers resell labor agreement averting a strike that could have crippled the economy. the international longshoremen's association and the u.s. maritime alliance have agreed to exteed the current contract 30 days to finalize details of the agreement. peers and is acquiring a 5% stake in barnes and noble's no canadian unit worth $8 million. shares of the bookstore chain out today as much as 9% on that news. the media unit consists of the digital business and 674 college bookstores throughout the united states. sources tell reuters blackstone group will keep its money despite a federal insider-trading probe into that hedge fund. the asset management arm of blackstone has $550 million in debt. that is the latest from the fox business network. adam: president obama and congressional leaders are set to meet in 20 minutes in a last-ditch effort to work out a fiscal cliff deal but without a deal the defense department can expect $500 billion in cuts. how will this affect the nation's d
donald thank you. >> sure. ashley: a new report finds the most core are up country in the european union is, guess, take a guess. it is a greece. tracy: i was going to say italy. i really was. ashley: they're not far behind. annual corruption index says all the countries embroiled in financial crisis top the list in europe, spain, portugal, yes, operationsy, italy. it measures the perception of the corruption in the public sector. as the most corrupt nations in the world. here we go. afghanistan, north korea, and somalia top the list. on the other side of the spectrum, countries with least perceived corruption, denmark, fin left-hand and new zealand. where does the u.s. rank? 19th. tracy: nobody lives in those countries. ashley: what they do is very simple and very clean. tracy: very blond. ashley: very blond. definitely in denmark and finland, that's for sure. tracy: the dark skin, the dark eyes. we're all evil at heart. ashley: that is the quote of the day. thanks, tracy. i didn't say that. tracy: all right. quarter after. come on. right? think about it. as we do every 15 minutes we check
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